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Informasi Industri

The main classification of brass

2019-01-09 01:42:29

Leaded brass
Lead is insoluble in brass and distributed in grain boundary as free particle. Lead brass comes in and (+) according to its structure. Because of the harmful effect of lead and the low plasticity at high temperature, lead-alpha brass can only be cold formed or hot extruded. Lead brass has good ductility at high temperature and can be forged.
Tin brass
Adding tin to brass can obviously improve the heat resistance of the alloy, especially the ability to resist seawater corrosion, so tin brass is known as "naval brass".
Tin can be dissolved into copper - based solid solution to enhance the solution. However, with the increase of tin content, brittle r phase (CuZnSn compound) will appear in the alloy, which is not conducive to the plastic deformation of the alloy. Therefore, tin content of tin brass is generally within the range of 0.5% ~ 1.5%.
Commonly used tin brass has hsn70-1, hsn62-1, hsn60-1 and so on. The former is a alloy, with high plasticity, can be cold, hot pressure machining. The latter two alloys have a (+) two-phase structure, and a small amount of r phase is often present.
Manganese brass
Manganese is highly soluble in solid brass. The addition of 1% ~ 4% manganese in brass can significantly improve the strength and corrosion resistance of the alloy without reducing its plasticity.
Manganese brass with (+) structure, commonly used hmn58-2, cold, hot pressure processing performance is quite good.
Iron, brass
In iron brass, iron precipitates out as ferric phase particle, which is used as crystal nucleus to refine grain, and can prevent recrystallization grain growth, thus improving the mechanical properties and process properties of the alloy. Iron content in iron brass is usually less than 1.5%, its structure is (+), with high strength and toughness, good plasticity at high temperature, cold deformation can also be. The commonly used brand number is hfe59-1-1.
Nickel silver
Nickel and copper can form continuous solid solution, and the phase range of can be enlarged significantly. Adding nickel to brass can improve the corrosion resistance of brass in atmosphere and seawater. Nickel also increases the recrystallization temperature of brass, prompting the formation of finer grains.
HNi65-5 nickel brass has single - phase structure, good plasticity at room temperature, and can be deformed in hot state.
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